We are a family-owned business located in Houston, Texas with a branch in Harlingen, Texas, close to the border with Mexico

For 25 years we have worked as a team. We have played an important role during natural disasters in Houston Area

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For 25 years we have worked as a team to be the best in auto transport inside and outside of the United States, using specialized technology and equipment to meet our customers’ transport needs.

We have always taken equipment maintenance very seriously. Our fleet of trucks and forklifts are continuously well maintained to avoid service interruptions and delays. We use only Michelin and Continental tires on our equipment.

At Milton Motors we offer our clients exceptional service based on experience and reliability. Our wide range of clients include car dealers, spare part warehouses, shipping companies, independent exporters, and auto auction businesses.

Additionally, we play an important role during natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes by working with FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency), insurance companies, and auctions to quickly clean up the affected areas, restoring the functionality of roads, neighborhoods, and communities by promptly moving vehicles affected by these disasters.